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Computer Diagnostics

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Does your Check Engine Light come on?

Is your vehicle not running the way it used to?

Computers are used to control many functions on new vehicles from the engine and transmission to the lights or radio.

If the computer detects a fault in an engine control system the check engine light will come on. If the problem goes away, the light will be turned off and the trouble code will be stored for a short time.

While the check engine light being on indicates a fault, it should not be assumed that the component associated with the code is always the reason for the light being on. The check engine light is a tool to guide the technician in the right direction before proceeding with a repair.

A vehicle should be brought in as soon as possible to diagnose why the check engine light is on. Some problems can cause damage to your vehicle's other components while others will not.

If your check engine light is flashing, the vehicle should not be driven. Have it towed in before damage occurs.

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