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Cooling System Service

MotorVac Coolant Clean

Cooling system services are important for the proper operation of your vehicle.

Flushing the cooling system prevents problems with the system getting plugged or the antifreeze getting corrosive. Vehicles have either regular (green) antifreeze or long life antifeeze. (pink, blue, purple etc) Regular antifreeze needs to be flushed every two years to maintain your cooling system. Long life antifreeze typically needs to be changed after five years.

We use a coolant exchanger to change almost all of the coolant in your vehicle without the need to hook up a hose from a water tap and push out the coolant. (Most coolant would end up in a storm drain using the hose method)

Other aspects of cooling system servicing are the coolant hoses, waterpump, thermostat and heater core. Inspecting these items on a regular basis helps to prevent any breakdowns.

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